What you need to know about carpet flooring fibers

What you need to know about carpet flooring fibers

Match the carpet fiber to its ideal location and take good care of those fibers throughout the years, and you’ll get the maximum lifespan from your new carpet.

Available styles are trending at Best Buy Supply Inc in Cambridge, MD. Read on to learn more about each fiber.


Nylon carpeting is versatile and durable and can be installed in the most active areas of the home. Well-maintained, high-quality brands last up to 20 years.

In addition, nylon carpet, which tends to come in matte colors, is a resilient material that resists matting and crushing.


While nylon is treated in the factory for stain resistance, triexta is naturally stain resistant. That's because it is a hydrophobic fiber that does not absorb moisture.

Triexta has only been in the marketplace since 2009, but it is proving to be a strong fiber that wears well.


Olefin is a great floor covering for basements since it wicks away moisture. In addition, olefin is a fade- and stain-resistant fiber that resists water, mold, and mildew. Olefin is also an ideal carpet fiber for the room in which your computer is located since it does not generate static.


Polyester is a soft and often vibrantly-colored fiber that's not as resistant to crushing and matting as the most durable fibers. That means the polyester carpet is best for low-traffic spaces like bedrooms.

In addition, eco-friendly brands that include beverage bottles in their makeup are available.

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